Prime Lending and Capital-efficient Leverage for Crypto Asset Managers

Digital asset prime Broker




Total Value Locked (TVL)


Average Leverage

How it works


Arkis Protocol uses smart contracts to provide leverage.


Arkis Margin Engine enables asset-specific valuations with cross-margining and cross-chain liquidation planning.


Optimize capital efficiency in under-collateralized lending while retaining asset control benefits

designed for

Asset Managers

Access capital like never before.

Get Leverage

Open an an onchain margin account and get DeFi-native undercollateralized leverage.

Use LP Tokens as Collateral

Collateralize onchain trading positions of yield-bearing assets across multiple protocols and blockchains.

Consolidate Risk

Enjoy a unified view of your trading portfolio. Your positive P&L on one protocol will offset the negative P&L on the other.

DeFi Margin Engine

DeFi's first high-performance and robust margin engine that considers various directional positions to consolidate risk exposure and enable cross-collateralization and portfolio margin.

designed for

capital providers

Deploy your capital securely and safely.

Security and Self-Custody

Smart contracts facilitate a secure investment process between LPs and Asset Managers while retaining asset ownership.

Smart Liquidation and Protection

Arkis Margin Account safeguards leveraged assets and ensures the return of investments to Capital Providers through multi-chain smart liquidation.

Zero-trust Environment

Account Abstraction architecture and whitelisting process offers a zero-trust environment for market participants.

Unique Investment Opportunity

Get access to unique liquidity pools that fund investment DeFi strategies. Participate in the upside, or get a fixed rate of return with institutional-grade security.

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Our Investors

Gumi Cryptos Capital
Psalion VC
Roosh Ventures
G1 Ventures
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"Best LTV for DeFi transactions and fully automated liquidation with dynamic collateral results in the most efficient capital that we can access in DeFi"

Edge Capital


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