Arkis Integrates with 1inch for Enhanced Liquidity and Optimized Trading

This integration combines Arkis's innovation in asset management with 1inch's expertise in liquidity aggregation.

We are elated to announce our integration with 1inch, a pivotal move in our journey to accelerate the maturity of DeFi. This collaboration is set to transform the way leverage protocols interact with decentralized exchanges, offering enhanced liquidity and optimized trading experiences.

1inch is a leading exchange aggregator, uniting decentralized protocols to enable the most lucrative, swift, and secure trades. Their platform is renowned for aggregating liquidity from multiple DEXes, ensuring users receive the best swap rates. With sophisticated security measures, 1inch is the most audited project in DeFi, ensuring the utmost protection for users' funds during swaps on various DeFi protocols.

Our shared vision for pushing the limits of what’s possible in DeFi while prioritizing user experience has brought us together. We are enthusiastic about the transformative potential our combined expertise and resources will bring to DeFi asset management.

A Collaboration Rooted in Innovation

Arkis is at the forefront of solving issues that plague asset management in DeFi. With 1inch on our side, we are poised to take even greater strides. Central to our collaboration is the integration of 1inch into our protocol, enabling Margin Account users to seamlessly make swaps through 1inch. Furthermore, we utilize the liquidity-adjusted price provided by the 1inch API as a reference for margin and risk factor calculations.

Accelerating the Maturity of DeFi

With this alliance, we aim to:

  • Enhance Asset Swapping: By using 1inch as a liquidator, we can efficiently swap assets into borrowed assets, ensuring optimized trading experiences for our users.
  • Expand Collaborative Horizons: Our integration will open doors to further collaboration, especially concerning institutional clientele. Together, we will explore innovative use cases and embark on joint customer development initiatives.
  • Strengthen Protocol Integration: The integration of 1inch into our protocol not only facilitates seamless swaps but also fortifies our infrastructure, ensuring robustness and reliability.

Our collaboration with 1inch is set to redefine the standards of DeFi asset management. With 1inch's expertise in liquidity aggregation and our innovative approach to DeFi leverage, together we are excited to shape the future of decentralized finance.

About Arkis

Arkis — DeFi Prime Broker offers multichain, undercollateralized leverage powered by portfolio margin. Author Serhii Tyshchenko is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer.

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