Product Development Update — September 2023

Hear about the latest updates from our technical team as we move one month closer to launch!

Greetings from the Arkis team! We’re excited to share the product advancements we’ve made over the past month.

In September, we’ve continued building out Arkis Private Chain (more details in August’s Product Development Update) to power transaction simulations. Our Backend, Blockchain, and Frontend teams have also made significant progress in architecting the liquidation process and integrating 1inch.

Infrastructure and Private Chain Development

Our team has been diligently working on laying down the necessary infrastructure to establish a private chain environment. This allows us to rigorously test various hypotheses. So, what does this mean for Arkis? It means that any transaction related to lending or borrowing can now be simulated within our private chain. This provides our clients with a robust sandbox environment, enabling them to understand how our margin engine and protocol would function for specific transactions.

Consider a scenario where a user wants to use 500,000 worth of wBTC and 500,000 wETH to borrow 1,000,000 USDT and invest it into the TriCrypto2 Curve Pool. On Arkis, users can now simulate such transactions and observe metrics like risk factor, portfolio stress-tested value, and interest accrued via a dedicated Grafana dashboard.

Additionally, our team has made significant progress in testing the liquidation process. We’ve successfully simulated liquidations using the 1inch protocol and have also tested the initiation of new positions on CurveFi.

Backend Updates

  • Introduced Grafana dashboards to dynamically monitor risk factor, stress-tested portfolio value, and interest accrued.
  • Completed debugging and testing of the Liquidation Plan generation, a crucial component of the Arkis Protocol.
  • Integrated the 1inch liquidity-adjusted price and utilized the 1inch API to estimate token prices in borrowed assets.

Blockchain Updates

  • Debugged and tested the Liquidation Plan execution on the Arkis Private Chain using the 1inch protocol.
  • Finalized the architecture design for the Portfolio Onchain Analytics module.
  • Enhanced private node performance, ensuring it’s primed for user-acceptance testing.
  • Made significant improvements to our codebase and architecture documentation.

Frontend Updates

  • Developed dashboards for OTC clients to open margin accounts.
  • Launched the “Trading Dashboard” where Margin Account users can initiate positions in whitelisted pools using Wallet Connect and MetaMask.

We’re one month closer to launch! Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, thank you for being a part of the Arkis journey!

About Arkis

Arkis — DeFi Prime Broker offers multichain, undercollateralized leverage powered by portfolio margin. Author Oleksandr Proskurin is the Co-founder and Chief Product Officer.

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