Product Development Update — October 2023

Learn about the technical updates to our product made by our development team in the past month.

Hello from the Arkis team!

Over the past month, our team has been working hard to make our first live transaction! We are excited to announce that Arkis has provided leverage on Ethereum Mainnet as of last Friday, October 27!

Our next milestone is our first security audit with Quantstamp, kicking off in the next month. In the meantime, we have several updates from our team verticals:

Backend Updates

  • Debugged implementation of real-time Mainnet Risk Factor calculation.
  • Finalized and debug 1inch liquidation on Arkis Private Chain.
  • Started the process of transition to Tenderly as dev node service provider.

Blockchain Updates

  • Improved code coverage and documentation for smart contracts audits.
  • Refactored code to reflect current architecture diagrams.
  • Prepared system technical documentation for external share.

Frontend Updates

  • Finalized end-to-end lend, allocation and borrow flow through Arkis platform.

About Arkis

Arkis — DeFi Prime Broker offers multichain, undercollateralized leverage powered by portfolio margin. Author Oleksandr Proskurin is the Co-founder and Chief Product Officer.

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