Product Development Update - January 2024

Arkis is excited to share the latest developments from this January.

The past month at Arkis has been focused primarily on the development aspects of our first institutional transaction, which you can expect in mid February. This phase is crucial as it sets the stage for our public launch.

Key Developments:

  • Curve LP Position as Collateral Implementation: The implementation for using Curve LP positions as collateral is now complete. This addition broadens our collateral options.
  • 1Inch Liquidation Process Revision and Debugging: We've conducted a revision and debugging of the 1Inch liquidation process, including trials on the Ethereum blockchain to ensure its operational stability.
  • Convex Adapter Testing on Ethereum Blockchain: The Convex adapter has been rigorously tested and debugged on the Ethereum blockchain, confirming its integration and functionality.
  • Margin Account and Wallet Connect Functionality for Convex/Curve: New functionalities have been implemented for trading and pooling on Convex/Curve through Margin Account and Wallet Connect, enhancing user transaction options.
  • Deployment and CI/CD Process Enhancements: Updates to our deployment and CI/CD processes have been made, leading to a more efficient development and debugging cycle.
  • Onchain Portfolio Analytics Module Progress: Development is underway on the Onchain Portfolio Analytics module. This module is expected to streamline the integration of new protocols like Pendle and Equilibria.

We are committed to maintaining steady progress and keeping our stakeholders informed of key advancements in our technology and offering, and we thank you for your ongoing engagement and interest in our work. Look forward to our first institutional transaction next month!

About Arkis

Arkis offers multichain, undercollateralized leverage powered by portfolio margin. Author Oleksandr Proskurin is the Co-founder and Chief Product Officer.

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