Product Development Update - April 2024

This month, Arkis made significant advancements in our platform's development, including Pendle Protocol integration, enhanced lending and borrowing interfaces, and new design mock-ups.

Over the past month, our team at Arkis has made massive progress in migrating to the new architecture, progress in Pendle protocol integration, and improved UI/UX experience. Here’s an overview of our major accomplishments in April:

Key Developments:

  • Pendle Protocol Advances: Integrated PT and YT positions on Pendle.
  • Lending and Borrowing Interface: Improved the user experience related to allowances in our Lending and Borrowing/Opening Margin Accounts.
  • Design Mock-Ups: Generated new design mock-ups for the Lender and Borrower pages that aim to streamline the interaction process.
  • Institutional Engagement: Institutional Lenders and Asset Managers will gain access to the Arkis Platform, which will enable them to create Pools, borrow assets, and conduct client-specific transactions among themselves.
  • Multi-Tenancy Architecture: Laid the foundation for a multi-tenant architecture, allowing the creation of multiple pools for the same token and client ID. This architecture empowers lenders to set up their own pools with specific risk parameters, whitelist borrowers, and manage collateral effectively.
  • Memory Leak Resolution: Addressed and resolved a memory leak issue within our Margin Account calculations.
  • Liquidation Through New Architecture: Successfully tested liquidation process implementation in our new architecture in the development environment.

As we continue to evolve and expand the Arkis platform, our commitment to delivering advanced financial solutions remains stronger than ever. Please have a look at our updated website and About Us pages to learn more about our vision, team, and product.

About Arkis

Arkis offers multichain, undercollateralized leverage powered by portfolio margin. Author Oleksandr Proskurin is the Co-founder and Chief Product Officer.

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